missFlag is a rising indie rock band from Jerusalem, Israel. Borne from the friendship of five individually talented musicians, the band has been steadily carving a niche for itself since it's inception in 2005.

This is in no small way thanks to the diverse musical influences that the five members of missFlag bring to the band – from jazz to classical, fusion to rock, the music of missFlag is testament to the musical education the members of the band went through before finding each other.

But perhaps it's not the musical range and diversity that finds missFlag on the verge of their international breakthrough – rather, it's the message of hope and self-belief that can be found throughout each song on their debut album 'To Infinity'. Reaching out to the world from Jerusalem and surrounded by everyday conflict that most other bands could never understand, missFlag refuse to be drawn into any political statements, and instead share their hope through music that we can all live as one.

From sublime anthems such as the beautiful 'Run', with its belief that even the poorest relationship can be saved, to the live favourite in waiting that is 'Let It Show', missFlag show they can stand beside such luminaries as Coldplay and Snow Patrol and not be overshadowed. For further proof of missFlag's place in the indie world, you only need to listen to 'Hidden Thieves', perhaps their signature song, and one that shows the range in song-writing strength the band possess.

With 'To Infinity' in their back pocket and North America in particular beginning to pick up on them, missFlag are now ready to step from out of the shadows and take their place amongst the established bands of the genre. missFlag are now hard at work on a new album, scheduled to be released in 2011.

The missFlag iPhone application is a fabulous new meeting ground for the band enthusiasts. It enables you to:
• Scroll through the Image gallery
• See the latest youTube clips of the band in full screen
• Get in touch with missFlag through their faceBook, twitter and mySpace pages

• Get updated with their upcoming shows


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