iOS 7 Concept Designs: Welcome To The Future Of The iPhone | Simply Zesty

iOS 7 Concept Designs: Welcome To The Future Of The iPhone | Simply Zesty

Recently, we rounded up the latest rumours about the new iOS 7, showing you what to expect when it's released. Well now we're bringing some of the best iOS 7 features to life with our stunning concept designs. Created by our Art Director Philip Joyce and Motion Designer Denes Farkas, they wanted to offer a new vision for Apple, believing that its current designs have become stale, and so created this.

With that in mind, here's what you could look forward to with the brand new iOS 7. Welcome to the future of the iPhone.

New Look Apps

There has been a lot of discussion around how apps will be displayed on the new OS. We'd like to see improvements to native apps on the iPhone, stripped of their gloss and sheen. While it’s now easy to think of Apple’s aesthetic as clean, bold and white, we forget how much it has integrated colour into its products and advertising (take the coloured iMacs and rainbow coloured iPod ads, not to mention the invites for next month's WWDC.).

The content and visuals of calendar and camera remain front and centre, bringing up certain features only when you need them.

iOS 7 Same Great Apps

A New Lock Screen

The current lock screen on the iPhone is pretty uninspiring, just bringing up your background photo and date/time. This improves upon the current experience, ensuring a more visually pleasing experience.

iOS7 Lock Screen Concept

The Music Experience

While there hasn't been much discussion around a redesign of the music experience on iOS 7, here's what we think it could look like.

iOS 7 Music Concept

Apps: From Old To New

We do know that the new iOS 7 design is likely to be a lot 'flatter' and that app icons will lose their rounded edge.

apps iOS7 concept

iOS7 concept New Apps

Customisable Home Screen

Since Apple introduced app folders on the iPhone in 2010, there's been very little change to the home screen. People are crying out for more customisation, and here's what we think they should be given.

iOS7 Widgets concept


We've given everyone's favourite mobile voice assistant a makeover too, looking at deeper integration across the OS.

iOS7 Concept Siri Design

From The Designer

Philip Joyce Skeumorphism: Probably the most misused and overused word in tech over the past year or so. Everyone has said how Apple needs to rid its software of visual metaphors, e.g, faux leather stitching in the iPad’s calendar and the ripped paper effect in the Notes app.

While skeumorphism is actually not always a bad thing, one thing is certain – Apple's prized iPhone software is beginning to look a little stale.

I set out to see what the industry was speculating about the new look iOS. Everyone seemed to be saying the same thing. ‘Flat’ – the current buzzword in design.

While adding this new look and functionality to the OS, it still had to be iOS, which is simple, easy to use and familiar to regular iPhone users, not just the tech savvy users. So it still feels like iOS, while still getting a major visual overhaul.

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